Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal performing permanent hair removal services at n2skin are professional electrologists and laser technicians. Our certified electrologists have helped Nashvillians feel more confident for over 22 years. They are recognized by the medical and aesthetic communities, as well as their peers, as experts in their field. You deserve the very best and you can count on us to deliver the best service and permanent results,

Electrolysis is approved for all hair colors and skin types. All perspective new clients receive a complimentary consultations. Fees for treatment are based on time as follows:

Electrolysis Treatments

15 minutes $30
30 minutes $60
45 minutes $90
60 minutes $120
Incremental fees of $2 per minute.

Temporary hair removal waxing services:

Underarms $30-$60
Lip $15 – $35 *
Nose $15
Ears $15-40 *
Face $20-50 *
Arms $40-75
Bikini $35-150 *
Legs $45 – $15
Back $35-150 *
Brows $15-$35

*waxing these areas may cause an increase in growth. Ask your service provider for more information

Laser Treatments

Select permanent hair removal SystemTM is exclusive to N2 Skin. Our system is the most efficient method of hair removal offering permanent results. We are able to provide laser hair removal for skins of all colors. Select permanent hair removal system may involve laser, electrolysis or a combination.

Permanent hair reduction laser treatments pricing is based on the size, density and difficulty of the area being treated. Size is influenced by the area covered by hair and the actual size of the individual. Density relates to the amount of hairs per square inch. Difficulty relates to special preparations to the area to increase effectiveness and safety.

Small areas starting at $125 upper/lower lip, ears, sideburns, chin, foot, toes, fingers, areola, knees.

Medium starting at $250 bikini, neck, nape, beard, shoulders, upper back, lower back, axilla.

Large starting at $350 arms, upper legs, lower legs, abdomen, chest.

X-large starting at $450 arms, whole legs, abdomen, chest.

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