Angela Hughey

Angela started working with N2Skin in 2004 . What started as a modeling job for the school has now turned in to working as an electrologist.

Angela’s first career started right out of high school as a devoted wife and soon after mom. “Raising three creative kids is the most amazing job I have ever had, but they do grow up and so I had to”. When her youngest started college, she decided it was as good to figure out what she wanted to do. Several years as a dental assistant and then an admin assistant left her a little unfulfilled.”Going back to school was a good way to stave off the empty nest syndrome.

I’m a good listener and always did better one on one with people rather than a big group, so that with a personal understanding of having way more hair than any girl wanted, electrolysis was a perfect match.” Coupled with her love of art and sculpture she found a new way to make the world beautiful, one hair at a time! Ha! “ It takes a lot of time to work on hair issues and I love helping people to feel good about themselves long before they see their perfection on the outside. I love getting to know people as they are ready to be known and my profession provides the perfect place for me to help people relax and feel good about themselves and be known for who they are. It takes a lot of trust to have someone work on your face. I don’t take that lightly”.

Angela continues to pursue her artsy side, helping her husband run their shop in Watertown which features her hand carved nutcrackers and his custom leather goods.


Angela Hughey